Experts slam Omega 3 link to Prostate Cancer as overblown ‘scaremongering’.

Recent news headlines suggested that marine sourced Omega 3 may cause prostate cancer. This “news” was based on a research study by Brasky (2013) that involved men participating in a Selenium and Vitamin E cancer prevention trial to investigate potential ways to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Brasky’s study did not link marine sourced Omega 3 oils either from eating fish or taking fish oil supplements as directly causing an increased risk of prostate cancer. It merely found that a group of prostate cancer patients had a higher level of Omega 3 in their blood plasma. This in no way suggests a cause and effect relationship. Indeed there is no evidence that anybody in this study actually took an Omega 3 supplement.

What the experts have to say:

“People should not change their behaviour based on a single study. I would take it with a little bit of caution.” Dr Harry Comber, Director of the National Cancer Registry in Ireland

“The scientific strength of it is weak, at best.” Professor D’Amico, Professor of Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School and is chief of Genitourinary Radiation Oncology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“Omega 3, such as is found in oily fish, has been the focus of a large amount of research (over 17,000 studies), the majority of which points to it having wide ranging health benefits when eaten as part of a balanced diet. Therefore we would not encourage any man to change their diet as a result of this study, but to speak to their doctor if they have any concerns about prostate cancer.” Director of Research, Prostate Cancer UK

How much Udo’s Oil should I take?

We recommend one dessertspoon for every 50 pounds or 25 kilos of body weight per day to get optimum benefit. It’s best to start with one spoon and build up to your optimum amount. A small number of people can feel a little nausea as the body adjusts, so if this happens, reduce the amount you take and build up gradually.  Most people need a little more in winter than summer.

How do I know I’m getting the right amount?

Your body is intelligent. It knows its own hierarchy when it comes to your health and prioritises your most vital organs. Heart and Brain are high on the list and will be first to take what they need from your oil. After your vital organs and glands are satisfied then come your joints and all soft tissue. Next, your skin, the outermost organ. When you feel your skin becoming smooth and velvety soft, then you can be sure the rest of the vital cells everywhere in your body are getting the optimum amount of Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil. You’ll feel the difference.

Why is the ratio of Omegas we take so important?

Udo spent 15 years experimenting on getting the most beneficial ratio of Omegas we require daily. For example, he found that using Flax seed oil (linseed) alone, which is very rich in Omega 3 but low in Omega 6 can lead to dry eyes, painful finger joints, fragile skin and skipped heartbeats and lowered immune function. These are the symptoms of Omega 6 deficiency as they are crowded out by the Omega 3’s. Too much of a good thing! Long years of experience led Udo to blend a combination of oils which give you Omega 3:6:9 in a ratio of 2:1:1. He has reliably found this to be the most effective and beneficial blend.

Can I take it while Pregnant?

Yes, firstly because Udo’s Oil does not contain either Vitamin A or D. Secondly, EFA’s are required by infants for proper brain development, particularly between the third trimester of pregnancy and 18 months of age. Pregnant women can become quite deficient in EFA’s as the foetus draw these from the mother. As well as the possibility of being physically depleted, this can have a knock-on effect on your mood during the challenging childrearing days. The addition of sufficient EFA’s to a mother’s diet is known to alleviate post-natal depression and stress. Supplementation with Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend while pregnant and breastfeeding will ensure that both, mother and baby, receive sufficient EFA’s. Another great benefit is to your skin – lubricated skin is more elastic, less likely to tear or create stretch marks and returns more easily to its former tautness.

 Is it suitable for children and babies?

Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend can be given to babies over six months old, preferably mixed in food instead of off the spoon, starting with a teaspoonful. See below.

Is it suitable for diabetics and will it interfere with the pill/blood thinning medication/other medication?

Diabetics and people taking the blood thinning agent Warfarin may need to monitor their requirement for the medication more frequently. Omega 3′s in particular are useful for thinning the blood – this will not happen overnight, but rather over a period of time. EFA’s also help to lower the glycemic index of foods which may reduce the requirement for insulin – yet again, this must be monitored by a GP and will not occur overnight.

Does it lower Cholesterol? How long will it take?

Omegas alone can help lower cholesterol, but only slightly. It’s phytosterols that block absorption and re-absorption of cholesterol from the gut, lowering levels by up to 25%. Unlike most other supplementary oils, Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend (Udo’s Oil) contains a rich 65mg per tablespoon, an ample amount to help balance your cholesterol levels. The length of time it takes to notice results depends on your starting level but is usually 3-4 months. This can be shorter if you take a fibre supplement such as Super-F.

Can Coeliacs take Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend?  Is it gluten free?

Yes – because the oil does not contain any gluten from oats, it remains behind in the seed cake after the oil has been separated. 

Can men take it?

Yes, Udo’s Choice® is beneficial for men, women and children. Men who take the Oil notice a wide range of benefits to health, physical strength and stamina.

It’s high in fat, will it make me fat? Is it ok for my heart?

The oil blend has a reputation for reducing weight, particularly if related to fluid retention. EFA’s slow down digestion (a good thing) so we absorb more from the foods we eat. Udo recommends the oil is best taken with green foods as we will absorb more nutrients. If, however, the oil is taken together with carbohydrates, starches and sugars, we will absorb more and may increase weight rather than reduce weight. The golden rule is – take with green foods to reduce weight, or take with carbohydrates and starch to help gain weight. The fats in Udo’s Choice are the good fats which increase bad fat burn-off, which is good for both, heart and waistline.